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STEM Literacy Course: 5 Modules

Module 1: Autonomous Cars


In this module students will learn about self-driving (autonomous) cars.  Students will be confronted with the question, "Would You Ride in a Self-Driving Car?"  Students will answer this question while learning how to write a punchy introduction for an opinion essay.

Module 2: Cultured Beef


Researchers are predicting there will not be enough meat for the close to 10 billion people living on the planet in 2050.  Technology is changing how meat will be produced in many ways.  Students will assess the arguments of researchers and scientists by presenting their opinion and reasons for their agreement or disagreement with this technology.

Module 3: Living on Mars


The Mars One Space project is planning to send human beings to the planet Mars for permanent settlement.  Students will analyze how the authors present the case for going to Mars.  Participants will learn how to write the body paragraphs of an opinion essay by presenting reasons along with supporting evidence to convince the reader.

Module 4: The 3D Printed Gym Shoe


The 3D-Printing technology is impacting many industries such as the medical field, construction and manufacturing.  In this module students will learn how the 3D printer is impacting the gym shoe industry. Students will examine the benefits and challenges of the 3D printing technology. Participants will develop a logical argument about the use and cost of 3D Printing.

Module 5: Learning About the Stock Market


In this module students will learn about a fourth-grade student who earned thousands of dollars from the purchase of Nike stock.  Students will learn how the stock market works and select a stock of interest.  Learners will evaluate the past performance of the selected stock.  This module will also give students practice with applying the writing standards learned over the course of the series.

Virtual Live Sessions


As an optional activity, students can attend live virtual sessions. In these sessions, learners will interact with the virtual instructor and collaborate with peers.  Students will also have the opportunity to post comments and questions in the discussion forums.

Students can earn the STEM Literacy certificate by submitting assignments, posting to the forums or attending a live session.  Details are presented in the course.

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About this Course

The STEM On-the-Go Literacy Summer Series offers 3rd-6thgrade students a 5-Module Self-Paced online learning experience. This course is packed with many opportunities for students to write, read and think critically about the latest STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)  related topics. 

Meaningful Screen Time

This is not your typical point and click online course. This series promotes children’s cognitive learning through interactive activities, student-led discussions and polling.  These self-paced modules are packed with a variety of learning opportunities.  Students will receive a certificate at the end of the course while earning badges along the way.  

Just the Right Amount of Rigor, Engagement and Challenge

The STEM Literacy digital environment is rich in content and instructional interactions.  The lessons were designed by some of the most creative teachers in the country. As students complete the modules at their own pace, there are many checks for understanding and feedback provided to participants throughout each module. Each week teachers will hold virtual live sessions with students to answer questions and to extend the activities presented in each of the modules.

Preparing your Child for the 2030s and 2040s

We at EduVation are keeping track of the latest educational, technological and societal research.  According to the most current research, experts do not know what jobs will exist in the 2030s and 2040s.  However, many agree on the fundamental skills students must have to be prepared for careers, freshman college courses and work/training programs.  Students will learn and practice these skills during this 5-week session.  Reading, writing and discussing the most current and emerging technologies are the major instructional components in this series.

Critical Thinking, Reading, Writing and Collaborating

The skills that students must be fluent in today are critical thinking, reading, writing and collaborating. These skills are vital to societal membership in the digital-global age. Students will have the option to participate in discussion forums and teacher-led virtual live sessions that promote collaborating with  peers. We also encourage parents to learn with your child.  Parents will be invited to a virtual live session that will feature how to ask your child essential questions that foster critical thinking and problem solving

What Students Will Need

  • Digital device (Computer or Smartphone)
  • Internet connection
  • Notebook and Pen
  • Access to a Printer (Optional)

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